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The miserable difference between the contract between Acuña Jr. and Tatis Jr.

A few minutes ago agreement / Fernando Tatis Jr. With the San Diego Padres for the next 14 years The big league. $ 240 million more than Ronald Acuña Jr..

Wins a total of $ 340 million Farm Jr. over the next 14 years The big league, a chapter that makes keyboard fans and lovers question it agreement / Ronald Acuña Jr. With the Atlanta Braves.

Acuna Jr. signed her agreement $ 100 million and for eight years with the Atlanta organization. Apparently his agent MLB hurried a little agreement.

Why an agent should Acuna?

Since “El de La Sabana” made its debut at the 2017 harvest, it has shown that it is out of the series The big leagueDuring his lifetime, he has an average of .281, 194 RBIs, 81 homeowners and 61 stolen bases. In addition, at the 2019 harvest, he was close to 40-40 year olds MLB.

If we check the numbers, Ronald Acuña Jr. earned a agreement better than $ 100 million for eight years Fernando Tatis Jr. he secured his future in the aforementioned century and less in numbers than “El Abusador.”

Fernando Tatis Jr.

No one has questioned his abilities. The Dominican is MLB in every way, even on the cover of The Show 2021 video game. He has earned it with his works.

Agent Farm Jr. he was a little smarter in negotiations (we think) because at the age of 36 when the player runs out agreement has earned $ 340 million in his career The big league.

Plus, he knew how to take advantage of the moment, put a San Diego checkbook to work with that amount, and only for two years MLB.

Lifetime numbers Fernando Tatis Jr.

  • .301 average
  • 27 stolen tripods
  • 98 pushed
  • 39 home runs

These numbers made him sign a agreement $ 340 million with San Diego. The unknown arises as to why Ronald Acuna If you showed more, did you sign less?

Be careful, they’re not $ 1,000 less, they’re $ 240 million less, basic plus VAT The big league. Undoubtedly a terrible difference between one agreement and another MLB.

Although it is true Acuna Jr. have the opportunity to sign another agreement that The big league, a Venezuelan might think of the monetary difference between a contract and another.

Change Ronald Acuña Jr. agent MLB?

No doubt the players ’representative in this type of negotiation will press, if not, ask Trevor Bauer and farm Jr..

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