Monday , March 1 2021

Why does not an astronaut help in space?

Before I go to space, astronauts must be submitted in series physical and psychological examinations, so that they could train them better to face the conditions in space.

It is therefore common for us to have a number of "myths in the city" Preparing astronaut before space and one of them relates to belching because it is said Astronauts can not explode in space.

This myth aroused Greg Switzer, A Twitter user who opened a bottle of juice found on the cover of this curious statement, named after "actual information".

That is why Switzer wanted to leave suspicion and write on Twitter Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfieldwho has also flown two space operations in 1995 and 2001.

To the astonishment of many people, the astronaut responded to the message not just confirmed this opinion, but also submitted reason whereby astronauts can not explode in space.

"You can not explode in space because air, food and fluids in the stomach float together as thick bubbles. If you belly, you vomit in your mouth. So guess the place where the trapped air passes, "Hadfield wrote.

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