Friday , March 5 2021

An interim teacher with an interest-bearing interest in getting the right hand left

Thailand's Hoa City Police Officer, Nghe County, has successfully succeeded in the 108L project, detained four criminal records, administered 20 pounds against a high interest rate, earning illegal gains by more than a billion.

Tran Ngoc Tuan, Thailand's Hoan City Police Officer, Nghe Ani Province, confirmed on November 9, that there were four criminal cases in the unit to clarify heavy credit loans.

Identity of Objects: Phan Hai Duong (SN 1993), who lives in the Kim Tan Block, Hoa Hieu Department; Nguyen Anh Duc (SN 1994), who lives in the municipality of Tay Hieu; Tran Xuan Hung (SN 1987), living in Dong Hieu and Nguyen Viet Nghia (SN 1979), reside in Nghia Thuan.

Banks are involved in topics that receive illegal profits. Photo: Duc Vu.

Prior to this, around 10:30, 6/11, the Thai Hoa city police check 41 military points, financial companies operating a heavy interest in civilian transactions at Thai Hoa.

At this stage, the public security bodies collected a wealth of documents and vehicles, linked to 24 large mortgages, seized more than 500 million cash, 30 motorcycles, 14 cars, and 20 mobile phones. and 18 computers.

The process became clearer, the authorities have temporarily retained four items. Especially where Nguyen Viet Nghia is a teacher in the area.

At the headquarters, the first step is to identify the beneficiaries, making use of the fast money demand of individuals, so they have been tempted to make use of their interest rates. from a state bank.

During an event with a borrower, individuals do not record interest rates on papers when a final report (word ends with trading, the borrowing process and pays property – PV) it burns all the relevant documents. The monthly loan amount is over 10 billion VND, the amount of illegal revenue is over one billion.

Stolen agents. Photo: Xuan Bac.

Prior to this outstanding achievement, Nghe An's provincial police praised and rewarded the unit.

At this time, the CSIT police in Thai Hoa Town will continue to strengthen documents, expand specialized investigations, which will strictly address issues under the laws.


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