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Cat Phuong shows new tattoos, revealing the relationship between Kieu Minh Tuan-Life Showbiz

Saturday, 11.10.2018 10:07 (GMT + 7)

Cat Phuong's new move makes the fans very surprised.

Cat Phuong looks like a new tattoo revealing her relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan - 1

Long silent moments of spiritual noises, Cat Phuong recently released a selfie image on his personal page. Dressed in simple, black glasses, but the bright and beautiful faces show that the actor has achieved a balance in life after the scandal.

Particularly in self-portrait, Cat Phuong reveals new tattoos on her wrist. The two letters Cat Kieu tattooed the art of strength in his loving relationship and Kieu Minh Tuan is very strict.

Under the comment section, many viewers and friends did not hide an unexpected actor's new tattoo. Many congratulations and encouragements pair to beat the wind waves together.

Cat Phuong shows new tattoos reveal her relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan-2

Also remember at the end of October, Cat Phuong also shares a purple image of loyal flowers, heart-shaped "thank you." This is considered to be an entertaining celebration of Vietnamese Women's Day after a busy day.

Cat Phuong presents a new tattoo revealing her relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan - 3

However, in early November, Cat Phuong continued in his speech when the social network suddenly leaked a message said Kieu Minh Tuan sent after Nguyen after the actor his husband was press conference forgiven.

According to this dialogue, Kieu Minh Tuan claims that he is not a good person. Although he still said words of love, but he said that he met people better than he would in the future.

Cat Phuong, however, defines this message as wrong. "There are a lot of people who take advantage of the story to watch." Tuan and I are both very tired, "the actor said.

Cat Phuong shows new tattoos, revealing a relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan - 4

Sharing the relationship with Kieu Minh Tuan after the love scandal An Nguyen, Cat Phuong said: "Some people think that Kieu Minh Tuan lost it should return to Cat. When Kieu Minh Tuan wanted and liked it, it did not stop him and this year's cat confessed including Kieu Minh Tuan as real or counterfeit.

In addition, he announced that his husband will move to the life of the road: "Kieu Minh Tuan made a big mistake, but changes and never goes back and Cat Kieu always keeps hands together And step by step, knowing that the steps are full of hesitation and even step by step, are bleeding, but Cat Kieu continues to take steps.

Cat Phuong happy because her husband calls

Nguyet admitted to love Kieu Minh Tuan: Cat Phuong decided to do this

Nguyen said he had to "escape" to the United States and to disconnect with Kieu Minh Tuan, who is not sorry about the relationship …

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