Wednesday , March 3 2021

Clarification of the case of a carefree girl who “lets go” of Round 1 taking pictures on Covered Bridge, causing public frustration | Cultural

In recent days, social media has spread the image of a “free-flowing” round 1 posing for an offensive photograph at the Chua Cau Monument (Hoi An City, Quang Nam).

Earlier on February 15 (New Year’s Day 4), LipitChou Ly Bich Chau’s personal Facebook page updated a picture of a disrespectful dressed girl posing with a boy inside and in front of the relic of the Covered Bridge.

Clarifying the case of a carefree girl who

The image of the first round child, taken with the child at the pagoda shrine, condemned many people

Attached to the images are the lines: “Who crosses the city of Cau Pagoda / Loves to remember grief for someone / Leave to grieve visitors / Loves to remember who suffers”.

Immediately after publication, the above images immediately provoked a strong public reaction. Below the article, many people left comments expressing strong opposition to the girl’s actions dressed in the sanctuary, especially in the historical-cultural area of ​​the covered bridge. In addition, many people condemned the carefree girl for “letting go” in Round 1 when taking a picture with a child.

Tong Quoc Hung, Director of Urban Culture Information Department. Hoi An said that so far the unit has not received the incident. Mr Hung also confirmed that he would appoint a person in charge to inspect, investigate and investigate the carefree girl to “let go” of the Round 1 pose for the offensive photograph of the Cau Chua remnant.

Meanwhile, according to the leader of Hoi An, the fact that the girl was “volunteer” in the first round, posing for photos with a pagoda relic, the city now has information on social networking sites. review and clarify. According to this man, Hoi. The ancient city is a world cultural heritage site, and the relic of the covered bridge in particular has been a symbol of the people of Hoi An for four centuries, so acts that damage the monuments and heritage are all condemned.

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