Saturday , March 6 2021

Female idol "international" Most at Kpop: Thais Debut as Korean Idols, Coach of Chinese Exhibition, Now Working as Judge for French Fashion Award – Channel 14

  1. Kpop’s “most international” female god: Thais debuted as a Korean idol, coach of a Chinese exhibition, now a judge at the French Fashion Prize.Channel 14
  2. Copying exactly the BLACKPINK style, he got the ending “it’s not good, but it’s impossible.”family
  3. Lisa seduces “get out of the way” on stage “Thanh Xuan has friends 3”World Cinema Online
  4. Showing off her surreal body in a new series of photos, Lisa (BLACKPINK) makes fans look forward to a burning sexy dance in Thanh Xuan.Channel 14
  5. With Lisa “Young with friends” eat “Creative joint” with Amber (F (x))?World Cinema Online
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