Ho Chi Minh City pilot-2-wheel motorcycle to go to an emergency health


Nguyen Khac Vui, Executive Vice President of Saigon General Hospital, said that there is an emergency in the hospital for more than 10 years, a practice that shows patients in a hospital near a BV are two-wheeled vehicles in BV. Take your doctor home to relatives.

The second point, since receiving an emergency call at a patient's home, many patients are dead, of course, can not determine when people are calling for an emergency, the family is dead or not.

But the fact is that access to the site takes a long time because of traffic congestion.

According to Dr Vu, traffic conditions make it difficult for a traditional ambulance to be transported, but in large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are many deep crossed, two-wheeled emergency vehicles Can be reached quickly. Even if the patients in front of the big road need emergencies, the two-wheel emergency machine arrives earlier than a four-wheel vehicle.

Assistant Professor – Dr. Tang Chi Thuong, Deputy Chief of Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City, said: 1. District is a key area of ​​the city, many tourists are staying and visiting, many festival collections full of people. Like other interiors, in District 1, there are many small lanes next to the main street. Therefore, in an emergency call, if only by using the ambulance traditional, sometimes difficult to reach the scene at the right time emergency first aid patients.

"Patient Priority No. 1 in Emergencies is that nursing staff must approach patients as quickly as possible so that they can intervene in good time," said Dr. Thuong.

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The leaders of the Ho Chi Minh City Health Department and the Saigon General Hospital together with a new 2-life rescue team

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According to Dr. Thuong, the city's healthcare sector has provided two rescue stations with 115 satellites in Saigon General Hospital District 1 and Q.1. Ambulance is good enough to carry patients, but ambulances sometimes have difficulty accessing.

From this practical requirement, the Ministry of Health directs a more mobile emergency vehicle, a two-wheeled vehicle that is expected to approach the emergency group faster and then rescue vehicles. They will later be transported to the hospital if notified.

Saigon's general hospital has applied for this type of guidance. After more than two months of implementation, the Saigon General Hospital has officially introduced two emergency machines.

Previously, the Science and Technology Committee of the City Health Department has evaluated and commented on the plan to use this innovative product instead of large displaced scooters or to use in industrialized countries, most of the council's Saigon Center's proposal is to choose a scooter with a 100-125 cc engine that is affordable and help physicians to operate easily, especially female .

It is known that this process is piloted for 2 weeks to learn, supplement and then officially publish.

In particular, the Ministry of Health notes that there is always a connection between Emergency Medical Services and BV and the coordination between the emergency group and the ambulance group. When asked to move patients to a hospital, the ambulance arrives in time to carry patients after the initial emergency.


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