Knet dug a small piece to “reveal” the true personality of Song Joong Ki when describing Vincenzo, is it as good as the rumors?


Song Joong Ki has always been a famous polite star who treats all the people around him well. Recently, netizens “dug” a behind-the-scenes video of an actor starring in a film Vincenzoclarifying the truth of this rumor.

At the time of filming, Korea was very cold. The crew of the film and Song Joong Ki faced many difficulties and bowed too cold. In one scene, the actor’s lighter didn’t even ignite because it was too cold. Upon noticing Song Joong Ki in the drunk car, the employee approached and handed the actor a hot package. However, Song Joong Ki returned it immediately with the phrase “How can I take your bag?”. This ex-husband Song Hye Kyo’s action made people “miserable” because it was too warm, the actress didn’t want to take a heating bag from other workers who also fought the cold outside.

The moment Song Joong Ki returned the heating bag to the staff, made people “break” a lot

Although it is cold …

… but Song Joong Ki refused the staff heating bag

Because of the heating bag, the leader even rebuked Song Joong Ki. In the movie Vincenzo, Nichkhun and Chansung (2PM) came and acted as cameos. According to the script, Nichkhun’s role would be shot and he would have to lie motionless on the ground. Seeing Nichkhun lying on the cold ground, Song Joong Ki approached, put the heating style in the hand of the male idol and said, “You went to another country to work and you were treated like this.” This statement by Song Joong Ki shows that he cares about the Thai male god Nichkhun, who has been in Korea for 13 years.

But it turned out that Song Joong Ki’s interest happened at the wrong time. The actor thought Nichkhun’s scene was over, but it wasn’t. This caused the director to “shoot straight” Song Joong Ki: “Continue filming, go out.”

Knet dug a small deed to reveal Song Joong Ki’s true personality when describing Vincenzo, is it as good as rumored?  - Figure 5.

According to the script, Chansung shot Nichkhun and he had to land without moving on the ground

Seeing his junior lying on the cold ground, Song Joong Ki came to give him a heating bag, but the scene was not over yet, so the director “shot him straight.”

This situation made the studio staff and fans burst out laughing and constantly praising Song Joong Ki. The actor’s small deeds to the people around him in cold weather showed that he is a very warm and friendly person who always treats all his colleagues and staff well.

Song Joong Ki is really beautiful in both appearance and personality

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