Prosecutors group in the village "knife cut" caused two victims


According to the results of the first study, it is from the previous conflict between Dinh Uacin and Dinh A Bone (SN 2001, village Dron, Po Commune) on October 22, 2018, drinking alcohol at the ceremony. Dinh Topi's home (SN 1998, Klá village, Po Commune), the Uac and Lau group (including some of the young people in Dron's village) came to fight against each other, but no one was injured. Then the Leu group left.

Police called young people

Police called young people

Strangely, Dinh Uac told his brother, Dinh Thuero's story. Ended listening, Thuõr started the carving of knife, knives, sticks … by the carving of a group of young people of 27 years … divided into three repatriations to the Klá village association of A A Luu and the village youth group. About 22h30 the same day when the village village of Dron village came to the junction of Klá village against the stoned stone, knife …

After the results of Dinh A Bone knife hit his chest, Dinh A Nguc (SN 2000, resident village Dron) knife hit the stomach, both were sent in an emergency, but Dinh A Luu died.

The investigation office will continue to consolidate the evidence and deal with the remaining issues.

Pham Hoang


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