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On 10 November, the Standing Board of the Anti-Corruption Steering Group (Steering Committee) organized Nguyen Phu Trong's Chairman of the Supervisory Board to comment on a number of cases, meetings under the Steering Committee after the 13th session.

To speed up your research, take seriously Mobifone to buy AVG image 1The Standing Committee of the Anti-Corruption Steering Committee (Steering Committee) will hold a meeting chaired by Nguyen Phu Trong, General Director of the Steering Committee.

At the end of the meeting, the Secretary General, the President of the State and the Steering Committee welcomed and appreciated the efforts and efforts of the operational agencies, in particular the police, the Board, the Court of Auditors, the Central Commission for Internal Affairs, the Inspection Commission, the Government Inspectorate, the relevant ministries and branches, and Steering Committee members. April 27, 2018, to seriously implement the Secretary General, State President, Steering Committee Executive Director conclusions at Steering Committee meetings 13 and 14 and Steering Committee, positive results, good results, strong movements in anti-corruption (anti-corruption), public opinion, people agree, highly valued .

Central and local justice organizations have made great efforts, efforts, driving forces, closely coordinated, solved the problems and problems actively, according to the Secretary General, State President and Chief Executive Officer's conclusions 13 new accusations have been accused; End of study and further studies 15 cases / 209 respondents; Raising the Prosecution 15 cases / 239 accused; 20 cases / 181 defendants with serious, harmful, educational and preventive punishments. In particular, following the Steering Committee's meeting of April 27,11 accused / 193 accused cases have been cashed in 11 cases, the accused / 121 defendants have filed 13 cases, including several cases of corruption, (1) Dinh Ngoc Co case and criminals criminals "Officials misuse of functions and posts; Misuse of the law; Lack of liability arising from a serious penalty; Seals or fake documents of the agencies or organizations "; (2) "deliberate state secret" occurred in North South 79 Company and Novaland 79 Company; (3) "VNCB, Sacombank, TPBank and BIDV" contrary to the deliberate action of serious administrative sanctions resulting from serious penalties; (4) Intentional activities in the PVTEX and related departments that are in violation of the financial management rules resulting from serious penalties; (5) "Irresponsibility with regard to the supervisory group of the State of establishment of Vietnam Construction Commercial Joint Stock Bank has serious consequences".

Focus on resources, accelerate progress, stop investigations, prosecute, prepare to bring litigation to cases: (1) The case "Using the Internet to Determine Ownership, Gambling, Gambling, Illegal Bills, Money Laundering and Misuse of Functions and Abuse" in some places; (2) A case of "abuse of power and authority over a suitable asset; deliberately against the State's financial rules that have serious consequences" in Dong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (DAB).

Active check, clarification clarifies 1 case, 3 cases and 6 recommendationsDinh Ngoc Troin and his accomplices from the first test report; expanded the investigation and accused two new cases involving Phan Van Vu and his assistant; In the case of Mobifone Telecom Corporation, the Ministry of Information and Communications and related services, the prosecution of "Infringements of the rules governing the management and use of public investment will have serious consequences".

The Council quickly called for the completion of bankruptcy proceedings Leasing Company II Under the aegis of the Agricultural and Rural Development Bank of Vietnam (ALCII). On this basis, agencies acting actively make mistakes, consider and handle the responsibility of the organizations and individuals concerned.

The authorities have also actively confiscated and confiscated funds if the management committee monitors and directs more than 3,000 billion euros.

The Central Control Authority has asked the Party Political Party, the Secretariat and the Central Committee to discipline five party members under the central government.Conducts and guides cases and instances in which the Steering Committee has violated the violation. The Governmental Inspectorate shall carry out and publish inspections of the rebalancing of the port of Quy Nhon; Finally, the investigating bodies will propose cases Crimes occur in Mobifone Telecom Corporation, in the information, communications and related departments.

These results continue to strengthen the definition of party and state in the fight against corruption. There are no limits, no exceptions.

End of 2018 completion of the study 8 service court

On entering the In the future, the Secretary General, the President of the State and the Head of the Steering Committee will ask the agencies to work for better action and better coordination. judgment of the Prosecution in 3 cases; First case study of two cases; An appeal of 5 cases; 33 to complete the audit of the case in accordance with the plan of the management team; most are:

Focus on instructing a rigorous and appropriate solution to the cases in the following cases: (1) the case of "using the Internet to commit ownership, gambling, gambling, illegal bills, money laundering and misuse of powers and duties when they were employed" occurred in Phu Tho and some places; (2) A case of "abuse of power and authority over a suitable asset; deliberately against the State's financial rules that have serious consequences" in Dong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (DAB).

Quickly consider serious cases and cases related to Dinh Ngoc Troi and his assistants. Termination of investigation and prosecution "Abuse of the duties and powers of officials" in Da Nang and in some places; Positive asset utilization for the state.

Accelerate research and address carefully the "violation of the rules on the management and use of public funds resulting from serious penalties" between the Mobifone Corporation, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Communications "Relevant units by law.

Investigate and address delayed organizations and individuals who have participated in the Vu Quoc Hao case and their assistants in ALCII.

Competent agencies should urgently carry out valuation and valuation of assets in decision-making where investigative bodies investigate inquiries in dealing with corruption and financial cases.

The Standing Committee of the Integrated Steering Committee terminates the control and guidance of two cases, six cases under the supervision and guidance of the Executive Board have completed a resolution in accordance with the law.

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