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Stock news November 7: Big Game 12 trillion, Nam Dinh giants decided to fight No. 1

Nam Dinh has continued strong strides to take on the first position in Vietnam for a competitive future.

Pham Nhat Vuong, Nguyen Duc Tai: Open everywhere, give money

Nguyen Duc Tai's Mobile World Investment JSC (MWG) has announced nearly 108 million common shares to pay dividends in a ratio of 3: 1 (each shareholder holds 3 shares and receives 1 new share issue).

The nominal value of new new shares is 1.08 trillion bangs, while the market value is almost 12 trillion bangs.

This is one of Nguyen Duc Tai's (Nam Dinh entrepreneur) steps to expand the size of a company, increasing the capital paid on capital from the unallocated profits of audited accounts in 2017.

This transfer goes hand in hand with chain stores, mobile phones Bluetooth, green department stores, and possibly pharmacy chains when corporate executives turn it over. at the shareholders meeting in 2018.

In the third quarter, Mobile World grew by nearly 20%, Green Machine grew by 80% and the Green Department grew by over 200%. The total number of systems in the system is nearly 2.2 thousand units.

Competition in the expansion of Nguyen Duc Tai's business is a fierce moment in this field of competition, a moment that strengthens the position of head and control in the market.

Recently, also Vingroup billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong has been expanding its retail network ever since it acquired Vietnam's oldest telephone chain: Vien Thong A.

Big Game 12 trillion, Nam Dinh giants decided to fight No. 1
Nguyen Duc Tai expands the distribution network.

Pham Nhat Vuong Vingroup has also expanded Vinmart's grocery retail chain and is building a new Klara electric motorcycle retail system.

Vingroup has recently acquired Fivimart and removed this retail name named Vinmart. Previously, Vingroup also acquired the former Chairman of the Ocean Martin Ocean Group, Ha Van Tham.

Nguyen Kim (who has sold shares to Thai giants) has just made a public bid, which is more than 27 percent of Lam Dong Pharmaceutical. This is a business that large companies are promoting in this area.

Competition in the retail market is getting stricter when home bands expanding billions of dollars and tens of thousands to occupy their market share.

Giants also focus on developing e-commerce, including Vingroup and Mobile World. Recently, VNG continues to spend money on Tiki despite having to endure hundreds of billions of losses in e-commerce business in the first half of 2018 … Alibaba used $ 1 billion to buy 51% stake in Lazada in early 2016 and cut billions more into regional market competition.

In the stock market (stock market), the pressure on the profit caused the plunge of many shares. The oil and gas group fell sharply. Real estate stocks remained positive.

Nevertheless, overall market liquidity was low. Money is still lost and affects investors' psychology who intend to stick to the bottom.

Some securities trades (CTCK) observe forecasts.

Yuanta Vietnam Securities (YSVN) noted that the market may continue to fluctuate with low liquidity in the next few days. Short-term sales pressure is on the rise, so the possibility of overcoming the 935-940 point of the VN index is underestimated, except that the markets will affect the fluctuations in world stock markets. mid-term elections in America.

Bao Viet Securities Co., Ltd. (BVSC) stated that with the SMA20 in a challenging index, investors began to be cautious. However, as the market falls, the market is supported by low demand. Therefore BVSC expects the market to be able to test support 917-921.

Ending trading on November 6, the VN index fell 3.48 points to 922.05 points. The HNX index fell 0.98 points to 104.55 points. The upcom index rose by 0.09 points to 51.64 points. Market liquidity reached 180 million units of 3.7 billion trunks.

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Rich Nguyen Duc Tai faced his sister market: a dream billion billion meet "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Rich Nguyen Duc Tai responded to his market: a dream of billions billion is difficult

Nguyen Duc Tai's business continues to set targets in billions. The competitive pressure of e-commerce, however, makes the strategy change. Mobile World has a competitive advantage in the traditional market.

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