The chairman asks that the fire will contribute to rural development


In the afternoon of 26 November in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended a ceremony to earn the merit and recognition of organizations and individuals who have achieved remarkable achievements in the implementation of the Seventh National Committee for Agriculture and Farmers' Resolution. , countryside. Speaking in the speech, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed that no praise or assessment can be measured by the contribution of all groups and individuals to our agricultural development in our country.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc awarded merit to organizations, individuals and businesses who have excellent achievements at the 7th Plenary Session of the 7th Plenary Assembly of Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Policy..

Also a member of the political party, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Nguyen Van Binh, Economic Council; The leaders of the party, the government, the Federation of Vietnamese farmers, ministries, committees and branches, as well as the leaders of the collectives and the people have to be thanked.

This is part of an online meeting of the National Summit and a national exhibition on the achievements of the 10th anniversary of Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Seventh National Congress.

In Seremonia, Secretary-General Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Van Binh, Economic Council and Party and State Leaders, awarded the Prime Minister's Certificate to 200 Colleagues and Individuals and 11 Entities. Significant achievements in implementing the resolution of agriculture, farmers and rural seventh central committee.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stated in the ceremony that agriculture, farmers and rural areas are the most important strategic positions and the foundation and power of sustainable socio-economic development, to maintain national security and defense, to maintain national cultural identity and to protect the environment. In order to define this importance, the Seventh Plenary Session of the legislator has adopted a resolution 26 on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, which identifies a breakthrough policy that ensures that living standards are constantly being improved. the spirit of the rural population; Comprehensive and modern agriculture in the direction of modernity, sustainability and large-scale commodity production with high productivity, quality and efficiency. Building new rural areas for modern socio-economic infrastructure.

The Prime Minister, thanks to the implementation of the 10-year resolution, thanks to its resolution, the construction of new rural areas became a widespread nation. To date, 42% of the municipalities have met the criteria for the new rural municipalities.

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The chairman stressed that no praise or assessment can be measured by the contribution of all groups and individuals to the development of agriculture..

As a result of the implementation of the resolution, agricultural productivity grew rapidly and the number of poor households declined steeply, averaging 1.5% a year. Ethnic minorities in mountainous areas have fallen in recent years by 4% per year. The appearance of rural areas has changed with the improvement of the lives of farmers. These positive developments have brought the agricultural sector's view, as exports of rice from Vietnam in 2017 surpassed the world. The turnover of exports is estimated to be over $ 40 billion, which contributed significantly to the country's socio-economic development.

Recalling Hoon's note teaching: "A huge example is over 100 speeches," the Prime Minister said. "The resolution and today's event are a tribute to the party and the state, and individuals and groups involved in Estonian agriculture, in particular strong and dynamic businessmen, credit institutions, agile and agile farmers have made major changes, including structural reform, modification of the production model, which has contributed to highlighting and enriching agricultural achievements and achievements, with ten years of implementation of Resolution 26. This will create a number of high quality Vietnamese agricultural products on the market He has won several prestigious international awards in the United Arab Emirates, ASEAN, USA, Russia and South Korea, neighboring countries. "

The prime minister lists several typical companies, such as Vinamilk, TH Truemilk, Vietnamese Social Policy Bank, Thai Binh Seed Company, Bui Van Ngo, Quyet Thang Seafood Cooperative …

They wanted colleagues and individuals to promote their achievements in order to promote smart agriculture, international integration and adaptation to climate change, the Prime Minister said: "We must also acknowledge that valuation or evaluation can not measure the participation of all groups and individuals in the development of the country's agriculture, many people and groups are very quiet. and the people are very typical, but the ministries, sectors and localities must continue to seek and motivate in time and keep a fire on the inputs of many colleagues and individuals, and there is no way to be here. and gratitude and timely promotion of creativity Mirror praised and followed the practice, leaving the remaining remaining good or useful innovations including farmers' innovations and technical advances. We call it "brother of two rice".

The Prime Minister said that we were working with intelligent agriculture in the era of the Revolution of 4.0. New agricultural models, innovative ideas that are not addressed in the resolution, are certainly there. This is a big challenge for decision-makers. It is therefore necessary to continue to evaluate, evaluate and propose corrections to living conditions in line with current agricultural developments in the digital economy. This is the content that will be discussed at the online meeting tomorrow, November 27th.

As one of the Prime Minister's Certified entities over the last 16 years, the Vietnamese Bank in Social Policy has sought to improve the material and spiritual lives of the poor. Rural areas with the appropriate socio-economic infrastructure. The Bank's inexpensive credit policies and the bank's policy-makers are important factors in changing the structure of agricultural and rural areas.

Vietnam's Social Policy Director Duong Quyet Thang stated that the National Assembly strengthened the bank's operations. Hence, credit policy for the poor is the most widely implemented policy, one of the highlights of Vietnam's poverty reduction policy. In order to implement the national target program to build rural areas, the Bank launched the construction of new rural areas throughout the system and managed to strengthen credit programs such as the Prime Minister's:

"The Bank is implementing loan programs for job creation, income generation, housing construction, clean water and sanitation, etc. For poor households, poor households and new households. get rid of poverty bonds to develop production and business, generate revenue and improve living conditions in agriculture and rural areas. Over 20 credit programs for poor and political beneficiaries have so far paid nearly 186 trillion pounds and nearly 6.7 million household loans. Most credit programs are related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, "said Duong Quyet Thang.

By implementing the resolution, by the end of 2017, 99.4 municipalities have countryside centers in the city center. 100% of municipalities and 99.2 rural households have electricity. 99.7% of municipalities are in elementary schools and kindergartens, 99.5 municipalities have medical stations.

Many new economic models are more suitable for large commodity production and market mechanisms. It has more than 13,000 agricultural cooperatives and more than 35,000 farms, and many rural farmers, in particular, have built up rural areas.

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