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The Hanoi compete for VinCity Ocean Park with 10% of the money

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(Construction) – Only 10% of the value has been owned by luxury apartments – VinCity Ocean Park's "best ever" sales policy has made 3,500 apartments "buy a smooth" after opening a door model apartment.


(Construction) – Only 10% of the value has been owned by luxury apartments – VinCity Ocean Park's "best ever" sales policy has made 3,500 apartments "buy a smooth" after opening a door model apartment.

Out of overvoltage customers, only five thousand customers were allowed to visit a sample apartment. Many customers are required to register for the following weekday.

From the opening of the collection on Saturday afternoon, by the end of Sunday, nearly 5,000 customers have "logged in" to experience the VinCity Ocean Park collection at TimesCom. 3,500 apartments have been ordered quickly. This can be considered an unprecedented record in the history of the Vietnamese real estate market.

In addition to information on the metropolis's "Singapore-class and Outside" project with a 6.1-ha saltwater lake, a 24.5-acre lake with white sand beaches, VinCity Ocean Park is also a special attractive to customers thanks to innovative financing solutions. So VinCity buyers have two benefits from project sales policy. First, only 10% of the value of the property can be signed with sales contracts instead of immediately closing 30 percent of the normal market capital. Second, customers will be able to borrow the remaining 70%, payouts for 35 years, in the form of lasting savings over 10 years from 3.9 million VND per month. significantly.

This long-term "pipe-out" helps to shorten the home buying process and reduce the economic pressure on buyers. Structuring the product by using almost coercive funds over the loan period will make the monthly fee easier later. For example, 10 years after the bowl, 10 thousand gold to the container, now 35 thousand to 45 thousand bowls (nearly ten times). Consequently, many million monthly payments in the coming years from 5 to 10 years will no longer be burdensome for home buyers, not to mention the increase in all incomes. Getting long-term loans home is really very expensive, as anyone who knows knows will make the decision as soon as the opportunity arises.

This unrivaled sales policy has led thousands of customers flocking to Times City for the weekend to launch the hottest real estate project in Vietnam at VinCity Ocean Park.

Guests are invited to visit the VinCity Ocean Park

Apartments in a moderate area, stylish design and a particularly attractive apartment complex make the VinCity Ocean Park apartments attractive to many young clients.

Two-Bedroom Apartment for Young Families. This special apartment awakened customers' attention when "hinting" customers with smart furniture to optimize space. For example, a cabinet can quickly change to a dining table for the whole family or on a desk in a matter of minutes transforms into a comfortable bed.

The VinCity apartments feature modern décor, spacious balconies with direct sunlight and natural wind, indoor kitchen and living room, spacious bedroom with large windows. .

After opening, the apartments of 3 500 Parks have been successfully registered. VinCity Ocean Park will continue to open its doors in the near future at the Times City Times, Times Square in Megamal.

The total area of ​​VinCity Ocean Park is 420 hectares, 2 km from the Agricultural University and 15 to 20 minutes from the city center. The density of the project is only 19%, 117 ha in green parks and water surface, including 6.1 ha of salt water.

The project also owns a full range of utilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other prestigious services. The city has over 700 fitness centers, 6 BBQs with over 100 BBQs, dozens of old-fashioned homes, over 60 large sized playgrounds, over 150 gymnasiums of all kinds …

Over 80 acres of Vinpearl Land amusement park faces the mega-city in front of a total of $ 1.5 billion in investment and a 210-acre public park with a view of the mineral world. and "green lungs" throughout the area.

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