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Betting with horses, but I do not know how? Here are some basic things to do. | Entertainment / Life

As the crowds land on New Orleans Fair Grounds for Thanksgiving races, it will soon become apparent that, in addition to being well-dressed and beautiful, most people have no idea how to invest.

So, instead of hanging on the stock market or wrapping it on a machine when people behind are waiting (frustration), here are a few tips.

In the case of full-length horses for the New Orleans Fair, Thursday was just another day of racing, even though it was also …

As a whole, which you plan to use, betting on races will be completed.

Four fast rules:

  1. Bring Money: Machines and accountants do not take credit or debit cards. ATMs are on the track, but it is much easier if you go to the bank before and get money for the notes you want.
  2. For simplicity, the minimum bet is $ 2: Smaller additions may appear on the machines – ignore them – they are not for beginners.
  3. Grab a copy of the competition program: All you need is a race number, jockey name, horse name and number and odds; the remainder of the program is largely a foreign language for those who do not regularly pound.
    For those who are really interested in learning more, go to or for all the details.
  4. Save your receipt (receipts): If you put a $ 5 betting game at $ 2 for the competition, you will receive a change in the form of a coupon, not in cash. This voucher works like money that you can use to recharge with the machine or at the end of your day you will be paid back from that amount.

Now for bet types and bet

Two different bets – straight and exotic.

A direct bet means that bets on one horse; an exotic bet means that you place multiple horses in one or more bets.


Win: The horse will be in the first place and you will gather.

Place: The horse comes to the first OR to another and you collect. However, you do not earn as much money as you would just earn a horse to win.

Show: The horse comes first, second or third. Collect less money than if you bet a horse to win or places.

If you do not know what you are doing, these are the easiest bets. Remember to pull one horse at a time.

Competition analyst Joe Kristufek tells about betting on "Simple Wagering Strategies" that is not betting against you – do not hit multiple horses to win one race.



When you are satisfied with live bets, it's fun to go to exotic bets. You can also make more money if you win. Now is the time to put the math skills to test!

Betting on one horse:

Kristufek also said in simple betting strategies to stay victorious, locating and showing, especially if you're new to betting with horses, then explore more complicated betting like trifles when you feel comfortable.

Win / Place / Show: Betting for winning, placing and displaying a horse. If a horse wins, you can collect, win, invest and show money. If the horse is the second one, collect the place and show money. If the third, just show money. This is not considered to be a single bet, but to make three wraps simultaneously, and it will cost more money.

Win / Place / Show will be held in three stakes and will cost you more – so $ 2 bet is now $ 6.

Win / Place: Betting your horse to win and place. If a horse wins, you win a win and a place. If there is one, just place money. This is not the same bet, but two bets are made simultaneously and it costs more money – so $ 2 is now $ 4.

Place / Show: Betting on your horse's place and showing. If a horse wins, you can collect a place and show money. If the third place, show money. This is not the same bet, but two bets are made simultaneously and it costs more money – so $ 2 is now $ 4.

Betting several horses at the same time:

Exacta: Betting on two horses that come in the first and second bets in the exact order. You can only collect if they win in that order.

trifecta: Betting on three horses to get exactly the first, second and third results.

Superfecta: Betting on four horses so they can finish first, second, third and fourth.

This only scratches the game in a number of ways you can bet on competitions. You can also refer to Chok's choices with Michael Beychok, who will be released at the New Orleans Advocate Sports Complaint every race day, or follow him on Twitter at @BeychokRacing.

But to us who do this once or twice a year, the basics are a good place to start.

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