Tuesday , March 2 2021

Chinhoyi pharmacy goes out of sale for outdated drugs, they were even demanding US dollars

The Zimbabwean Medical Surveillance Authority (MCAZ) abolished the Chipingen Checheche Business Center's Angel Pharmacy to sell more than 25 types of drugs that were either outdated, unregistered or unusable and without a pharmacy.

Some unregistered drugs contained pyrimone eye drops, paracetamol Fresenius 10 mg / ml, both outdated and unregistered; Atenonol 100 mg anti-hypertensive medicine, which was unregistered, as well as the omnipresent vaccines of lavantador.

According to the report drawn up by the MCAZ inspector; Emmanuel Makotore, and reviewed by Sly Mutyavaviri, which was collected by NewsDay; a degree examination was conducted on 21 October 2018 after a drop in the audience.

Part of the report, published on 7 November 2018, "On the day of the inspection, the inspectors went to cover the patients and asked for the pyrimone eye drops.

"The inspectors paid and then Chidzimba asked for another pharmacy to help out the drug. Another pharmacist opened a white sedan outside the pharmacy that picked up a pirimon vehicle.

"At the request of the labels, the inspector was informed that such a drug was used to use the pharmacy to set up labels.

"At that point, the police made themselves and removed the medicine from the body of the car, and the officials then asked for a pharmacy that was said to be out of order." He had not been working all day. "

The report further discussed 16 unregistered and out-of-date cars that were found behind the car and seized. It also said 85 tablets, which were unlabelled in tablet pouches, but could not be identified.

The pharmacy survey showed that the radiator in the ambulatory did not work properly when the thermometer contained a 26 degree Celsius temperature.

Ineffective drugs later quarantined at the premises of the refrigeration plant, although it did not work. Nor could the pharmacy staff be able to produce invoices to account for drug purchases.

The pharmacist was immediately asked to close the pending supervision of the appropriate control and the supervisory authority was asked to comment within seven days and to submit the invoices and the names of non-packaged drug suppliers.

The supervisor was asked to keep the medicines that were in quarantine at the inspection day of the refrigerator until the case was completed.

In contrast, the country has for many years been a major drug that causes cheap and unregistered medicines that endanger people's life's slander.

The owner of the pharmacy, Angeline Mahwire, who is also a pharmacist as a trainee, never refused to sell unregistered medicines when he was given comments but later said that his case had been revealed by his ex-boyfriend who had been destroyed.

Mahwire owns four pharmacies in Tshovani Pharmacy Chiredz, Angel Pharmacy Checheche Business Center, Nkayi and Chipinge Pharmacies.

"I have a relationship with this man, who was also a co-worker for more than seven years, but it ended in a bad way, and now he is there to destroy me," he said. "Mahwire said.

MCAZ is a regulatory authority for national medicines and health products in Zimbabwe. It was first established in 1969 as a Pharmacovigilance Council. It became a successor to Drug Administration Control and Zimbabwe's Regional Pharmacopoeia Laboratory in 1997 under the Parliamentary Act on Drugs and Algal Control (Masca) (Chapter 15.03).

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