Wednesday , June 16 2021

If you're like me, OnePlus 6T is great because you're not using a 50K smartphone

The latest "flagship killer" was launched in India last week: OnePlus 6T. And it's a pretty gorgeous device mess around. But we could not help but gained a déjà vu feeling by comparing it with its predecessor. So here is our impression of hyped 6T.

OnePlus 6T

Photos courtesy: Jayesh Shinde

(Almost) the same big screen

OnePlus 6T is almost the same height as OnePlus 6 but has a slightly larger display; 6.4 inches on the latter 6.2. The display is as good as the 6, which we mentioned seemed to be better optimized than the previous OnePlus devices. The default colors are great, especially if you keep the screen at maximum brightness.

So many ways to open

OnePlus 6T gets rid of the flip-flop fingerprint scanner that we loved so much with 6. It was fun to use, feeling natural just after a few days. They did not just throw it into the trash, but the 6T landed on the Vivo path, the embedded scanner below the screen. We have to admit it is not as touching as the previous or nearly as fast, but it seems to be working reliably.

OnePlus 6T

Do not Miss

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    Not that it is a commercial agent because there is something even better. Face Detection of OnePlus 6T is even better this time when only a small fraction of a second registers with you and unlocks. It also works in all kinds of lights, even from the backlight of the phone in a dark room in some situations. Trust me, you will probably use this so much that you forget the fingerprint scanner.

    Water Drop-notch

    When OnePlus 6 had a horizontal beam, almost exactly the same as the iPhone X, OnPlus 6T instead of the most popular drops of water droplets. Even the former lure tried to fade in the background when using OnePlus 6, so the new waterdrop slider here is somehow less intuitive.

    Battery days

    As expected from OnePlus, the 6T battery life is strictly in line with the stars, and the 3700mAh duration is more than a day's work with one download on a regular basis. And even though you are browsing the Reddit program and you can empty the battery for fifteen minutes before you leave, do not be afraid. Thanks to the Dash charging technology, 15 minutes should be enough to restore at least 40-50 percent of the battery.

    OnePlus 6T

    Stylish user interface

    Oxygen OS is a pleasure to use, as always. This time, 6T ships on Android 9.0 are driven out of a box where there is no complete shortage. The menus are also quick and easy to navigate, but without doubt the most attractive part of Oxygen OS is that the menus are the universal Dark mode option.


    When all this is spoken about with OnePlus 6T, there is one dazzling problem. With the exception of watercraft and fingerprint scanners, we have all told these things about OnePlus 6 earlier. In fact, both are quite just aesthetic changes that do not provide any real comfort. We are also sorry to say that this is not the flagship hunter he promised to be. As for the camera, the device has good photos objectively. But place them next to the photos of the right flagships like iPhone XR or Google Pixel 3, and the gap is obvious.

    OnePlus 6T

    OnePlus 6T (left) Vs iPhone XR (right)

    OnePlus 6T

    Pixel 3XL (left) vs. OnePlus 6T (right)

    Do not even imagine, we took the liberty to do it for you.

    OnePlus 6T

    iPhone XR (left) OnePlus 6T (center) and Pixel 3 XL (right)

    You can find full-size photos (unmodified) with this link: iPhone XR, OnePlus 6T, Pixel 3 XL

    And as OnePlus 6's price was 34,999 rubles, OnePlus 6T starts with 37,999 rubles. There is no hardware upgrade, both basic versions have 6GB of RAM, 128GB internal storage, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.


    We get one thing straight; OnePlus 6T is a good smartphone. It's just that it's easy to do good twice in a row. So if you do not want to pay a few extra extra new guesses and fingerprint observers, there is that. 6T is still in the segment of the best handsets, we just hope that its segment will not stay on the rise every year.

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