Is BioWare Teasing Mass Effect 4?


Mass Effect: Andromeda was supposed to be the ultimate Mass Effect experience when it moved to the open area structure. While exploration and struggle were great, baseline and performance issues greatly weakened the experience. Even months later, it still stuttered on Xbox One. However, what shocked the players, it was that it left a lot of points without solving.

Everest After Mass Effect: Andromeda did not produce critical acclaim and sales, it seemed that EA had put the franchise on hold. However, it seems that the arrest has just been lifted and we can see another Mass Effect game rather than later. Today, N7 Day, BioWare discussed what is next Mass Effect.

Toward the end, Casey Hudson teases the future of the franchise and raises a cup with Commander Shepard's word mark "I should go". It is unclear what this means, but it may target Mass Effect 4 and not spin-off like Mass Effect: Andromeda. Do you see Commander Shepard coming back after he has been rebuilt at Mass Effect 2? Only time seems.

Mass Effect: Andromeda follows a series of human looking when they are trying to find a new home for the Andromeda Galaxy. However, there are other creatures on the way because all species have their own spaceship known as "Ark". If you have not played Mass Effect: Andromeda yet, be sure to check out the game dealers.

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