Monday , August 2 2021

Last: 47 were killed on the scene in the horrendous Rusape bus accident

Staff Announcer

One of the coaches involved in the accident.

At least 47 people have died on the spot after a collision with Ruselle between two buses.

Details were still sketchy on Wednesday night, but state broadcaster ZBC announced that the police had confirmed that up to 47 people had died on the spot.

Transport Minister Biggie Matiza announced that he still expects official police communications.

"We look forward to official communications, but now we have reports that at least 30 people have lost their lives," said Matiza.

The reports claimed that Bolt Cutter's bus company, traveling from Mute to Harare, collided with Smart Express Bus Services coach in the opposite direction outside Rusape.

Police Officer Senior Assistant Commissar Paul Nyathi was not immediately available to comment, but ZBC lent him figures on the accident.

More to follow …

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