Tuesday , April 20 2021

Night time HIV tests a hit in Masvingo


Andile Tshuma recently in Masvingo
The National Council for Assistance (NAC) says that moonlight HIV testing seems to pay dividends as more and more people come forward in HIV testing at night.

Nac Masvingo's Provincial Officer Edgar Muzulu told reporters last week on the provincial tour that night's HIV testing was intended for sexual workers, truck drivers, and artisan miners who were usually out of health services.

He said that up to now, about 70 percent of HIV-positive people in the province were aware of their status, such as the HIV testing of lunar light.

"We have come to realize that some people think or do not have time to go to HIV and AIDS testing during the day, so this night test is introduced," Mr Muzulu said.

He said that testing of lunar light had turned out to be popular for certain groups of people.

The Masvingo province has an HIV penetration rate of 12.8 percent and the Ngundu area on the Beitbridge-Harare highway is one of the hottest destinations in which night trials are in progress.

However, Chiv has the highest HIV prevalence of 14.6%, while Bikita has the lowest prevalence rate of 11%.

According to Nacin, 138,208 people live with HIV in Masvingo province and 9,700 of them have children. The province has 1.46 million inhabitants.

Ms. Muzulu says that the most important factors in Masvingo's HIV are the limited use of condoms and multiple simultaneous partners.

"We have an early sexual debut for 13-19 years, which has led to a high degree of positivity," he said.

Muzulu said that it is not just sex workers who have benefited from overnight testing because more men also want to test under the cover of darkness.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care supported through their partners 2016 night trials as part of measures to provide services to humans, eradicate neurons and prevent obstacles preventing people from HIV testing.

The nation continues to challenge openly talking about unprotected sex health risks.

Moonlight testing increases the availability of volunteer counseling and testing services and connects clients with treatment and care while targeting hard-to-reach high-risk population groups.
– @ andile_tshuma

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