Tuesday , August 3 2021

One Year In Love … Pokello Wants More – Nehanda Radio

Charles Mushinga

Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare has been fully talked about his new love by sending a one-year anniversary message to Instagram.

Jackie Ngarande, Pokle Nare and Ronald Muzambe
Jackie Ngarande, Pokle Nare and Ronald Muzambe

When a public breaches the former Big Brother African pants, Elikem Kurmodzie, Pokello had maintained his relationship with Ronald Muzambe is low.

However, maybe the motto of Elike's seemingly enviously inspired social media messages revealing his relationship to another yet unknown Zimbabwe woman, Pokello has come out of this latest post to reveal exactly how long his heart has belonged to Rondon.

Pokello, her queenofswaggerofficial handle, "Some of the world's uniqueness full of Actors # 365DaysAndLoading #WhatAYearItsBeen #ToMakingMoreMemories" officially reveals that he's through Elikem and has been dating Rondon exactly one year ago.

After the post was a radiant figure of his and Rondon is a white-white party.

Before yesterday, some people know exactly what happened to Pokellon and Rondon even though there was a general suspicion that they were dating.

Rondon had sent a few Pokello pictures – the most memorable creatures of Pokellon's birthday when he hosts him in Dubai to celebrate his special day this year.

At that time, however, the proposals were that their love was not as radiant as before, and the close source suggested, "the relationship was not as hot as before." This was in August.

But his most recent post, Pokello has ridiculed this proposal and showed that they keep tabs every step of their relationship.

Most people celebrate the post and Pokellon's one-year love, but one phcity_hishighnexperfumes asked: "It's official then …. You and Elikem are no longer. Happiness and peace of mind are all important."

Also included were Dillish Mathews, the 2013 Big Brother Africa housemate with Pokello and Elikem.

He said:

"You people are clean oooo"

When one Mariane Pembe asked, "Is it featured bae day or sum," Dillish said, "Yes and we look u. We are tired of these dark stories, revealing"

Nyasha Musarira told Pokellon: "This time you've been balancing, I wish you many years of happiness."

Cynthia Rudo said: "The real queen, which I have never felt happy anniversary to you and Ron You two rock…" H Metro

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