Monday , April 12 2021

The pilots saw "super bright" UFO tracks over Ireland. If it was not alien, what was it?

Washington Post

The embarrassing person of the radio was not a person who typically associated with suspicious reports of outside interaction. There were no claims that big eyes green men crossed the cosmos to turn inside cattle or too detailed, breathtaking stories of cold metal tables and bad foreign probes.

Radio radically the person was simply an airline pilot who could not explain what he saw in the sky in Ireland.

The British Airways pilot operated on Friday with a BA94 airline departing from Montreal when he contacted the nearest ATC to inquire whether there had been military exercises in the Atlantic Ocean, which according to the Irish inspector had not been notified.

When the pilots told him that the sky was clear, he politely put them straight. He said that he and his crew saw bright lights that cut the air at a brilliant speed – double the speed of the sound.

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& # 39; & # 39; It got to our left [rapidly veered] to the north, we saw a bright light and it just disappeared very fast. . . we were just wondering "," the pilot said, the newspaper and audio interaction posted on the Internet. & # 39; & # 39; We do not think it would be a likely collision course. . . [just wondering] what it might be. & # 39; & # 39;

They were also surprised that the pilots were flying close by, seeing the same, well, what it was.

Virgin Airlines pilot Flight VS76 from Orlando to Manchester said it was not something but something: several objects that follow the same range of motion – very clear from where we were. & # 39; & # 39;

The Irish aviation authority noted that reports were being investigated during the normal process of investigating confidential events. "

But for many people who read between classified lines, there was no need. We already know the truth.

This is normally the point where excited children cry out for disbelief. All in all, for decades, people have been told that foreigners do not really exist and that people who believed otherwise were unmistakable hats.

But to enter directly from the B movie, the Pentagon recently confirmed that the $ 22 million government program collects and analyzes "irregular aviation challenges" – the government speaks of UFOs.

Area 51, the secret of Nevada, which the government has forbidden for decades, has indeed been for decades, the government admitted. It was a test strip for the CIA spy plane and other classified aircraft according to the CIA's history in 2013. And since the government was a giant secret test ground in the Nevada desert, it used the area for all sorts of secret tests: by setting an A-12 aircraft and an angular F -117 steals the ground with an attack jar.

So who needs silkhead now? The promise to convey the viability patina is a strange, unexplained phenomenon.

But what about the bright lights in the Atlantic view of one but two airlines that are responsible for hundreds of passengers on health and well-being?

CAA experts told the Irish scientist that the lights were probably the meteorites that went to the globe at a low angle. High speeds were due to the acceleration caused by the globe's severity. The bright lights were probably the result of the illusion when the heavenly bodies passed the glimpse of the earth.

Sure. We believe in you.

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