Virli Kohli asked to ask for the fan to leave India. | Offline in the News field


NEW DELHI: Cause or Cause? The Indian captain Virat Kohli is found on the news, but he has suddenly found himself in the media of the dreaded videos that are in official social media to the wrong reasons.

Kohli has recorded a video as part of her newly launched application, Virat Kohli Official App. The application was launched on Monday 30th birthday.

In the video, Kohli is seen staring at a fan who says he likes English and Australian bats more than the current Indian players. When responded to this, Kohli said he should not live in India if he wants foreign players more than Indian cricket.

"He (Virat) is oversized strikers, nothing seems to be a special hit, but I look more like British and Australian bats than these Indians," wrote a fan who left Kohl breathing while he did not retreat. Kohli said he did not worry about his criticism, but if anyone can not live with Indian Indian players, they should not live in the country.

"I do not think you should live in India, live elsewhere, why you live in our country and love other countries, I do not like you do not like me, land and other things, do your priorities," Kohli replied.

The recently-made West Indies ODI series Kohli ended up in a series when the 453 collector's top collector's speed in five inland areas averaged 151.00. He also hit the first three ODIs with the centenary hat-trick to get 10,000 trophies to ODI, surpassing Sachin Tendulkari's fastest milestone.

However, this Kohl's response does not go well with Twitterati who threw him out to make such strange comments. Here are some of the reactions from Kohl's statement that created a Twitter twist.


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